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Do you need to travel for your internship? Estudines allows you to rent housing for short periods that are perfectly suited for work-related travel.
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Inform agencies and utility companies of your new address free of charge: CAF, health insurance, EDF (electricity), etc.


Toutes les Estudines peuvent ouvrir droit à l'Aide Personnalisée au Logement (APL), ou à l'Allocation de logement à caractère social (ALS). Pensez à remplir votre dossier d'aide au logement !


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To check whether or not you are tax exempt, go to the information sites www.service-public.fr or www.impots.gouv.fr


Please note: a security deposit and a guarantee are not the same thing.

The security deposit is paid when a lease is signed. It is paid to the landlord to guarantee compliance with the provisions of the lease.

The guarantor is the person who provides the financial guarantee. By signing a letter of guarantee, he pledges to fulfill all of the tenant's obligations should the latter no longer be able to pay rent.

Useful Info:
A guarantor can sign the letter of guarantee in any Estudines residence hall in France. This way he doesn't have to notarize his signature at the local town hall or travel if he lives far from the tenant's residence hall.


Once you sign the lease and become a tenant, you may proceed to the apartment inventory and condition report.

The initial apartment inventory and condition report is a document signed by the tenant and the landlord or manager that defines the state of the apartment in a manner that is agreed by both parties. It is signed when the tenant receives the apartment keys. It's a sort of “photograph” of what the apartment looked like before you move in.

The final apartment inventory and condition report is filled out the day you move out, when you return your keys.

In the absence of this document, you risk being held responsible for damage made by the previous tenant.

The apartment inventory and condition report is filled out in your presence with the residence hall staff. It must be carefully filled out, and don't hesitate to write down all comments you deem necessary, using clear and precise wording.


Once the lease is signed, the apartment inventory and condition report is filled out, and you have the keys to you new apartment in hand, it's time to move in. For some people this isn't the most pleasant step of the process, but it must not be overlooked if you want to settle in quickly and take advantage of your new apartment. So prepare well for your move, and above all, get organized so that you don't waste too much time and money!

Here are some practical tips:

If you would like to use a moving company, don't hesitate to compare offers, ask for precise quotes, and even bargain down the rate. However, prices are very high so it is often preferable to move using your own means.

Don't forget to contact your friends and family well in advance to help you transport everything. This is the fastest and most fun way to move. You will also save more money than if you use a professional.

For your personal belongings, decorative objects, dishes, etc, cardboard boxes are the best solution. You can buy them, but they add up, especially if you need a lot. So try to get free boxes from people you know or from your local supermarket, for example. Bubble wrap is also highly recommended for fragile objects and dishes. Pack the boxes yourself and label them well (by categories). It will be much easier to find what you're looking for when you unpack everything.

Arm yourself with packing tape, box-cutters, protective covers, etc. (there are moving packs or accessory packs available in shops) and any equipment you need for the move (cart, hand truck, furniture elevator, etc.) Note that renting equipment is cheaper on weekdays.

Please note: make sure that you have “civil liability” coverage (often included in your “multi-risk home insurance” policy).

You are now ready to move into your new Estudines apartment!


Whether you are moving into your new apartment or moving out, you have rights and obligations.


  • You have the right to a incoming and outgoing inventory. If using a bailiff the costs can be divided between the tenant and the lessor.
  • You have the right to receive a free rent receipt once your rent is paid.
  • You have the right to terminate your lease at any time, provided you honor the notice period requirement.
  • You have the right to “peaceful enjoyment” of the premises. This means that the landlord must make sure that the premises are peaceful and quiet.
  • You have the right to make small additions that do not constitute a permanent alteration the apartment (e.g. putting up shelves). But please note, when you return the apartment, the landlord may require you to remove them and make any necessary repairs.
  • Pay your rent and maintenance fee on the date specified in your lease.
  • “Quiet and peaceful possession of the leased premises” means living in the apartment in a quiet fashion.
  • Pay for the maintenance and repair of wear and tear in the apartment. The list is generally attached to the lease.
  • Not to alter the premises in any way without the written agreement of the landlord.
  • Not to transfer or sublet your apartment (without the written agreement of the landlord, specifying the rent).
  • Obey the rules and regulations of the residence hall.
This list of rights and obligations is not exhaustive. We recommend you refer to the contractual document you signed.



The landlord may ask you to reimburse him for the TOM (garbage collection tax) when he receives his property tax payment receipt.

Taxe d'Habitation – Local Residency Tax

You are a student: you are not exempt from the taxe d’habitation (local residency tax). For the tax authorities, you fulfill the following condition: “Official occupant of an apartment as of January 1st of the current year.”
However, find out at your local tax center whether you are entitled to a tax cap or an exemption based on your income...

Your “housing” budget must take it into account.