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Frequently asked questions


Do you have to be a student to live at estudines?

estudines apartments are intended for students and interns, and are allotted to them on a priority basis. However, depending on availability, young people just starting out in the workforce may be accepted. (You can get more information directly from the residence).

Can you live at Estudines with a young child?

In most of the residences, it is indeed possible to live with a child.
For more information, don't hesitate to contact the residence you may be interested in directly.

estudines Apartments

What is the difference between fully-equipped and furnished apartments?

The fully-equipped apartments include a kitchen area including sink, hob, fridge and microwave. Additionally, the furnished units have adequate furniture and kitchen utensils to allow tenants to live normally with his personal effects.

Visiting a Residence

Is it possible to visit a residence before sending my application?

You can take advantage of our "Open Days" to learn about Estudines residences. Find the dates on each residence's page: https://www.estudines.com/uk/open-houses.html
If you are not available on any of the posted dates, don't hesitate to contact the residence of your choice to arrange a visit.


Where can I find the services offered by the residence?

Services offered by the residence are indicated in the "services" tab.
You will find a list of included services and amenities (internet, linen kit, reception, etc.) as well as optional ones (laundry room, breakfast, parking, etc.)

What's the difference between internet access in the common areas and in the apartments?

Since most Estudines residences are equipped with a WiFi connection, this means that the tenants can access the internet in their apartments as well as in the common areas, such as the breakfast room, for example. This service is complimentary for all residents.

Can I sign up for a different internet plan than the one offered by the residence?

It is the renter's responsibility to pay for certain services that are optional. This is the case, for example, if you have a telephone line installed in your apartment.
As for internet service, it's totally free. However, if you would like to have your own internet access, there is nothing to prevent you from signing up with the operator of your choice.

What is la Carte Emotions? How do I get it?

La Carte Emotions gives access to advantages and / or reduced rates with the partners of your residence (ex: cinema, hairdresser, restaurants, gym, ...) Ask your residence to benefit.


Where can I find the rates for Estudines apartments?

You can find the monthly rent in the "Rates" tab of each residence's page.

What do the French acronyms "HT/HC" and "TTC/TTC," which appear after the rent amount ("loyer" in French), mean ?

Rent "HT/HC" stands for "hors taxe et hors charges" and means that the monthly rent amount posted does not include taxes and maintenance fees. Rent "TTC/TCC," on the other hand, stands for "toutes taxes comprises et toutes charges comprises" and means that the monthly rent amount does include taxes and maintenance fees.
Put simply, the rent indicated on the Estudines.com website in the "Rates" tab includes water and complimentary services, such an internet connection, for example (you can find them in the "Services" tab of each residence). Other charges, such as electricity (according residences), renter's insurance, and taxe d'habitation (local residency tax) are not included in the rent.

Which other charges need to be added to the monthly rent?

Some charges are not included in the rent. This is the case for charges such as:
  • electricity
  • the "taxe d'habitation" (local residency tax: For more information, find the contact information for your local tax center on this website.
  • renter's insurance (all of the practical information is available here.
The amount of these charges may vary depending on your place of residence, your lifestyle, and the time of year.

What does the "fees" cover?

There are two types of fees for the tenant :

  • The fees for the apartment viewing, the preparation and implementation of the rental agreement. The amount is set by decree according to the location of the rented accommodation:
  1. For accommodations in zones named “très tendue”, 12 euros per square meter of living space ;
  2. For accommodations in zones named “tendue”, 10 euros per square meter of living space ;
  3. For accommodations located out of zones named “très tendue” and “tendue”, 8 euros per square meter of living space.
  • Fees for the incoming inventory of fixtures, which rate is set by decree to 3 euros per square meter of living space is valid throughout France.

The amount is billed once. Unlike the "security deposit," this amount is not returned to you when you move out.

What is the "security deposit"?

The "security deposit" is required when you sign the rental agreement. This sum of money, equivalent to a month's rent, allows the residence to protect itself against possible damage or unpaid rent.
There are programs to help you pay for the security deposit (e.g. locapass financial aid).
Your security deposit will be returned in full within two months (the legal time period) of the final apartment inventory and condition report (only in the case where the tenant has completely fulfilled his obligations, that is: paying the rent and fees in full, as well as returning the apartment in good condition).
For foreign students who have opened a bank account after their departure, please remember to send your new bank account info to the residence, and please mention your name as well as the occupancy period.

If my rental agreement begins in the middle of a month, will I have to pay the entire monthly rent during the first month?

During the month in which you move in, your rent will be calculated in proportion to the number of days you occupy the apartment.

Are there any discounts I can take advantage of?

"Special offers" are regularly posted on www.estudines.com. They are visible on the right side of the homepage and offer discounts on rent or on the processing free. Sometimes the processing fee can even be waived.
If you are already a tenant at Estudines and you plan on continuing your rental in another Estudines residence, you may also be eligible for certain benefits (a discount on your new rent, transfer of your file and your security deposit, waiver of administration fees). Enquire at your residence.
For more information here.


Is it possible to move into an Estudines residence in the middle of the year?

Absolutely! Apartments may be rented throughout the year, subject to availability in each residence.

Is there a deadline for reserving an apartment?

There is no deadline for reserving an apartment at Estudines. But the faster you apply, the faster we will review your application.
This is especially true for the beginning of the school year in September and October, when the likelihood of having available apartments is consequently greater.

How can I know whether there are available apartments in the residence I'd like to apply for?

To find out what is available in Estudines residences, the simplest solution is to contact the residence directly.
To do this, all you have to do is go to the "Contact us" page, select the Estudines residence of your choice in the "To" field, and then complete the form.
You can also find telephone numbers in each residence's page.


Can I rent an apartment with a roommate at Estudines?

Sharing an apartment with roommates is allowed in Estudines residences (depending on the size of the apartment).
Keep in mind that Estudines residences don't coordinate apartment share arrangements for you. You must find a roommate on your own initiative.
However, don't hesitate to enquire directly at the residence. Some residences may have received similar requests and may be able put you in contact with others in a similar situation.

Rent Subsidy Programs

Can I receive rent subsidies in Estudines residences?

All Estudines residents are eligible for the Aide Personnalisée au Logement (APL) or Allocation de Logement à caractère Social (ALS) rent subsidy programs. You will find all of the information on this subject in this link.

Can I take advantage of the Locapass guarantee?

Don't hesitate to contact the relevant residence directly. It is in the best position to provide you with the information you need.
You can find all of the contact info for the residences in this link.


Are there partnerships between Estudines residences and various schools and universities?

Yes, we do maintain partnerships with certain schools, which may qualify you for special offers. Find out directly at the relevant residence.

Applying Online

How can I make a reservation online?

Once your choose your residence, you can register directly online by clicking the « Reserve » button.
You'll find information about the entire reservation process by going to the «How do I Book?» page, whose link is here:https://www.estudines.com/uk/how-t-book.html

Where can I make a specific request?

When you reserve online, you can leave a note in the "comments" section.

A confirmation email entitled "Your request to the estudines" was sent to me? Does this mean that my apartment is reserved??


Once the application form has been completed online, what do I have to do?

At this stage of the reservation, you must compile your rental file and provide your supporting documents.

To do this, simply create your personal tenant space by clicking on the link contained in the confirmation email you received following your reservation.

After examining and accepting your file, our Reservation Center will send you a booking confirmation.

How long do I have to send my documents to the residence?

There is no deadline for sending the documents to complete your application. But the sooner you send your documents, the sooner your application will be reviewed.
The likelihood of there being an apartment available in your chosen residence would therefore be greater.

How do I send my supporting documents?

It's simple ! You must send your supporting documents via your tenant space.


Which supporting document should I add to my reservation file ?

The documents requested from the future tenant to be able to rent accommodation in the estudines are as follows:
  • Copy of student card or proof of student status
  • Copy of identity card
  • Proof of income (if applicable)
  • Proof of last accommodation: rent receipt, accommodation certificate

Must the supporting documents be in French?

If you are a foreign student, you don't need to have your documents translated. You can send the originals to the residence.

How do I send proof of my last rent payment if I'm living with a family member?

In that case, you can send a "certificat d'hébergement" (letter stating that someone is living with you) written by your host (parent, family member...) along with your application.

I don't have a student card or a document proving my status as a student yet. Can this hold up my reservation?

If you haven't yet received your student card, this won't be a problem. You can provide this document to the residence at a later date. However, don't hesitate to mention this fact in step 2 (additional information).

Is it possible to have a proof of accommodation ?

As soon as your lease agreement is signed, the residence will be able to give you an accommodation proof.


Will a deposit be required to confirm my reservation ?

Since signing the rental agreement is a binding commitment, no payment will be required from you before your arrival.
It is when you fill out the initial apartment inventory and condition report that you have to pay the various fees (monthly rent, processing fee, and security deposit).


Is it important to have a guarantor?

Yes, it would indeed be better to have one. Having a guarantor would give the residence an additional guarantee, and consequently add value to your application.

Does the guarantor have to be a French citizen?

No, it's not mandatory. However, he must be able to understand the terms and conditions of the French rental agreement in order to sign it.

Can the guarantor live out of France ?

The guarantor can live outside of France. However, he must be able to understand the terms and conditions of the lease agreement in order to sign it.

My guarantor lives outside of France. Must he be present at the signing of the rental agreement?

The presence of your guarantor is not required during the signing of the initial apartment inventory and condition report or when you receive your apartment keys.
The rental agreement can be signed in advance. As soon as your reservation is confirmed, the residence will send you the various contractual documents that must be signed and returned by mail or e-mail.

Application Timeline

How long will it take to receive an answer from the residence?

It usually takes from 24 to 48 hours after your application file has been received to receive an answer from the residence. However, during periods of high demand, it make take a bit longer. If this occurs, don't hesitate to contact the residence directly to get additional information on the progress of your application.

Pratical Information

Rules and Regulations

Where can I consult the residence's rules and regulations?

You can get the rules and regulations from the reception team of your residence.


Are reception staff members present at the residence during the day?

All Estudines residences have qualified personnel who can answer your practical questions.
(The open hours at each residence are available at the reception desk).

A technician can also provide information and be of assistance in technical matters.

Finally, in the event of a problem, an emergency number is posted at the residence.


Are pets allowed in Estudines apartments?

In most of the residences, small pets are allowed. Ask at your residence.

Under what conditions?

Aside from certain restrictions, concerning "dangerous" animals, for example, there are no particular rules.
A deposit will be required, however, to cover possible damage caused by your pet.

Estudines Apartments

Can I keep my apartment during the summer months?

You can keep your rental during the summer. The rent is the same as the rest of the year during this period.


Are we allowed to have friends or family stay at the apartment?

You are allowed to have guests stay in your apartment. However, these types of visits must be on a temporary basis.

Since I'm an Estudines resident, can my friends and parents take advantage of special rates in the residences?

Your friends and family can qualify for special offers, thanks to you.

Friends interested in becoming les estudines residents can take advantage of the refer-a-friend offer which allows the referring resident and the referred friend to each get 50 euros off.1

For more details, contact the residence's staff.

There is also a special offer for parents which visit their child (les estudines tenant): 10% discount2 on the current rate in the nearest Séjours & Affaires residence.

To benefit from this offer simply mention that you are a relative of an Estudines tenant and present your child's estudines Carte Emotions upon arrival.

(1) Offer valid until December 31, 2020 - (2) Price valid for a studio, subject to availability.


What is the procedure if I want to move out of my apartment?

All you have to do is let us know your departure date within period of notice mentioned on your contract (1 or 3 month) via registered letter with return receipt requested, sent to the address of your residence, or hand in the official letter personally.

You will then receive a letter confirming that your request has been received.

Is a final apartment inventory and condition report carried out when I move out of the residence?

The apartment inventory and condition report is mandatory, when you move in as well as when you move out of the apartment.

Keep in mind that we offer a free inspection 2 weeks before you move out, which will give you the latest recommendations from the residence's staff about what needs to be done to get your apartment in order.

To do this, all you have to do is inform reception when the time comes.

Advantages for tenants


If I am already a tenant and I move to another city, do I get any benefits when I transfer a new Estudines residence?

If you go to another city for an internship, a student job, or because you're changing schools, you do benefit from certain advantages.

For all new leases:

  • a 10% reduction on the amount of your new rent until 30 July 2015 inclusive

  • a transfert of your deposit*

  • free leasing fees

All of the information you need is available here.

(*) Subject to a final apartment inventory and condition report. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and is valid until July 30, 2015 in all Estudines residences in France, subject to availability.